Tree Trimming and pruning your trees is a very important part of maintaining the health and overall beauty of your trees. Not all companies set the same standards that we do when it comes to this service. It is very easy to over trim or over prune and it requires a skill set with experience to be able to get results that will add value to your home. We firmly believe that our team stands out in this specific service. We will also do a thorough consultation to make sure that we understand your needs and what results you should expect.

Types of Tree Trimming:

  • Fine Pruning is the removal of small limbs to enhance the appearance of the tree.
  • Standard Pruning is cutting back limbs more heavily and helps the structure of the larger branch.
  • Hazard Trimming is when limbs and branches pose a threat and need to be taken off to prevent damage.
  • Crowd Reduction is a tree trimming technique used to remove weight from the end of branches minimizing over extension. This should only be used if there is a significant amount of dieback, damage, or if they are interfering with a powerline.

Benefits of Tree Trimming:

  • By removing dead or dying branches allows the overall health of the tree to improve. These branches can be a potential hazard due to them falling on a person or causing damage to property underneath.
  • It causes the overall appearance of your tree to improve as well as the structure. It also helps to prevent dead or dying branches.
  • Allowing light and good air circulation through the branches can increase good tree health which helps with the longevity.

Why Clients prefer Mid Florida Tree Care:

  • Fast and affordable services
  • Experienced tree professionals
  • Great Customer Service
  • Honest and upfront pricing
  • No hidden costs
  • Professional and uniformed team


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